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FAQFrequently Asked Questions

Can I do practical or voluntary work at the Ninos Foundation?

No, the Foundation in Peru does not work with volunteers or practical workers.

The Ninos Foundation has 80 personnel members, both in the Ninos hotels and in the other Ninos projects. They are all Peruvians and breadwinners. In this way 80 families are provided for.

What can I take to or send to Peru?

You can take clothes or shoes (small children’s sizes). Underwear is also welcome.

The children do not have many clothes and the ones they have are mostly threadbare.

You can take as much with as is allowed as luggage and leave it at the reception desk.  We save it until Christmas and take care that every child will receive something. Sending it is no option because import duties are high and the goods often do not arrive or are damaged. If you do not wish to bring anything in your luggage but do wish to give something you can buy clothes at the market in Cusco. The local women will be very pleased.

Can I visit the projects in Peru?

Yes, that is possible. You can make an appointment for a guided tour at the hotels’ reception desk. Such a tour is organized by  one of the employees. She speaks English well.

These guided tours are purposely held at times when few children are present, in order to protect their privacy. They do not like their pictures being taken.

Can the Ninos Unidos Peruanos Foundation give a presentation of its projects?

The Foundation has an ambassador who can give presentations for societies, schools, clubs, churches, etc. He can be reached at:

Jan Schoemakers

Phone: +31 (0) 104739709

Cell phone: +31 (0) 617343108


Does the Foundation Ninos Unidos Peruanos have an ANBI status?

Since January 2008 the Foundation has an ANBI status (number 8062.67.513). ANBI means (in Dutch) General Benefit of the Institution in question and is highly important for us as well as for you for the following reasons:

An ANBI institution does not have to pay death duties or duties on legacies which are received in accordance with the general interest.

Payments made by an ANBI are generally exempt from duties on gifts.

When an Institution has been made ANBI by the tax authorities, a donor can deduct gifts from his income or corporation tax, within certain limits.

Does the Ninos Foundation possess a control mark?

The Ninons Unidos Peruanos Foundation does not have a control mark for the following reasons: 

The Ninos Foundation is of the opinion that the costs of obtaining such a control mark are too high (costs for one-off application plus yearly contribution plus retesting every other year). The Foundation prefers to use this amount of money directly for its projects, c.q. the children in Peru. 

One of the rightful demands made by CBF is that the costs of fundraising are not higher then 25 % of the profits from their own fundraising. It can be concluded from the annual reports that for the Ninos Unidos Peruanos Foundation this percentage was 4,6% in 2009 and 5.1 % in 2010. 

Moreover the Ninos Unidos Peruanos Foundation is of the opinion that CBF is a private initiative and does not offer guarantees as to how the money is spent, especially where an internationally operating organisation is concerned. This was illustrated by welfare organisations which did have a CBF control mark.

How do I make room reservations for one of the hotels in Peru?

It is not possible to make a reservation for a room, a cottage or an apartment in one of the hotels or haciendas in Peru via the Dutch office.

Does the Foundation Ninos Unidos Peruanos give out an  annual report?

The Foundation Ninos Unidos Peruanos produces an annual account. The latest one is from 2015.

Is it possible to get into direct contact with the children?

No. Our children attend school for ½ day in accordance with the Peruvian law on compulsory education. The other half of the day they follow a full program at our premises. 

Furthermore our children speak Spanish only, or even only Quechua and they do not have a computer at their disposal. In addition to the above we like to add that we do not approve of direct contact as we do not have the capacity to help them to communicate.

Can people cooperate with the Foundation Ninos Unidos Peruanos?

The Foundation Ninos Unidos Peruanos does not approve of cooperation with others who should wish to start a similar  Ninos  project. Since we started in 1996 a lot of people and projects  have passed our way. All with the best intentions, but unable to find the right people to carry out their plans as intended.

Meanwhile we know how everything is functioning here and therefore we wish to keep it all in our own hands.