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Jolanda van den Berg has been awarded with a Royal distinction!


Kickstarter: Unique Niños Photo Book by Hervé Hughes

For this crowd funding project Hervé started to shoot portraits of all the 600 children of the Niños Foundation. The result tells the unique story of every single child. Stories about a life in poverty and neglect, but also about a life full of energy, hope and joy.
The Niños Photo Book will be an ode to the beautiful children of the Andes.

Why this project?
Hervé will contribute 100% of the sales of this Niños Photo Book to the Niños Foundation. In this way he will support the poorest children of the Andes achieve their dreams of a better future.

Help Hervé to show the world how beautiful this niños are!
Pledge on our Niños Kicktstarter project. Be aware to act now; the project is due December 6th, 2014! >>


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Jolanda van den Berg has been awarded with a Royal distinction!

Yesterday we had a double celebration in Cusco.. Our birthday girl Jolanda has been awarded with a Royal distinction! Jolanda received this award by the Dutch consul in Cusco. The news was a big surprise for Jolanda: "... I must tell you that it is indeed a very special feeling, which I cannot quite place yet. But I notice how important it is for the people here and also therefore it is special to me.." The Niños team is very proud and we thank and congratulate therefore everyone who has contributed to the Niños project! As Jolanda herself put into words: "An incredible big kiss to all and congratulations because this honour is of course not only for me, but also for all of you and everyone here."

Book written specially for the Ninos project.

Karen van Holst Pellekaan is a member of the board of the Ninos Unidos Peruanos
in the Netherlands. In addition to being a screenwriter (known from the VPRO series Loenatik and author of a.o. the scenario for “the lucky housewife”) she also writes children’s books. Specially for the Ninos project she has written the book: Lightning in the Mountains, a thrilling adventure in the mountains near Cusco, for which one of the children’s restaurants owned by Jolanda van den Berg was the starting point. The author hopes to get more attention for Jolanda’s special project through this little book that was published on April 21st 1011 by publishing firm Leopold.

Product information:
Karen van Holst Pellekaan
Size: 154 x 15 x 223 mm
Weight: 274 gr.
Suitable for ages 7 – 9
ISBN10: 9025857736
ISBN13: 9789025857738
(only in Dutch language)

Bestel het boek bij Bol.Com

My Book Buddy

My Book Buddy is a Dutch organization  with the aim to enable  children in developing countries to start reading. The Ninos Foundation  will also receive books for this purpose.
In each of the restaurants a book case will be placed with children’s books in Spanish.
Through  a worked out lending system the children will be able to loan a new book every week and to take it home in a special back pack.

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