Hotels, a hacienda en 5 children’s restaurants

In 1998, aided by a generous sponsor, Jolanda could start her own business company "Ninos Hotel" and buy an old colonial building in the heart of Cusco. Her wish to create her own source of financing the Ninos project became true when she was able to buy this pleasant and big building: the Ninos hotel situated at the Calle Meloq. Moreover she could then go and live in a part of this building with her 12 Peruvian boys.

The hotel soon became very successful.  Tourists from all over the world find a lot of pleasure in staying there.

A short while later and with the income from this hotel plus donations from the Netherlands Jolanda was able to procure  a site on which her first children’s restaurant was built. On this site many more children than only her twelve boys could get a meal and also  attention, safety and the opportunity to play and to be educated.

In the meantime, after fifteen years, there are five children’s restaurants, two hotels in town and an hacienda with horses outside of Cusco. This hacienda is situated in an idyllic spot half an hour from the town in the midst of the mountains.

Furthermore also on the sites of the restaurants for the children, there now are a sports hall, two libraries and a small cinema. 150  construction workers have found work for the next ten years to build or restore all these projects.

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