Her mission

Jolanda’s mission,  as is  also the Foundation’s mission, is to create a better life and  a better future for as many chanceless and neglected children in and around Cusco as possible. 

Her starting motto: “if I can only help one” has remained a stimulus. In the meantime she helps more than 600 children per day and the number is still growing. The Ninos project has become an institution in Cusco and Jolanda is still the driving force.

In addition to those 600 kids she has also helped 80 Peruvians to get a job. These people are necessary to keep the ever increasing organization on the road. They, in turn, are able to  support their families so that 80 can easily be multiplied by 5. At the moment a total of 1000 people benefit from the fact that Jolanda ever took the courageous step  to leave for Cusco.

In order to be sure of a constant source of income Jolanda not only founded the Ninos Foundation, but she also started a hotel, the proceeds of which all go to this project.

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